Patio doors

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Patio doors are an ideal choice for consumers looking to either replace an ageing existing patio door, or add value to their property by creating a beautiful opening to a garden or outdoor space.

Our source of patio doors have been designed to cater specifically to the needs of the modern day homeowner, and are designed with a set of unique features which set them apart from other models on the market.

Efficient, smooth patio doors

Unlike some models currently available on the market, patio doors which Global Trade Frames supply can boast an ergonomic design which facilitates an extremely smooth and silent operation.

All patio doors are fitted with their innovative ‘air glide’ system which incorporates a multi wheeled design to ensure the door remains precisely balanced during the opening and closing process. Like other doors in Liniar’s uPVC range, they also come with ultra low thresholds to make access especially easy, particularly for those who require wheelchair access.

Right from the manufacturing process, patio doors are designed with the environment in mind. Their composition is 100% lead free, and with their multi chambered design and choice of both double and triple glazing, patio doors also offer excellent levels of energy efficiency, helping to reduce their environmental impact over their lifespan.

Rehau Profile 22 Liniar Smart Architectural Aluminium Aluk Inliten

Low maintenance, long life doors

Not only are patio doors designed with their ‘air glide’ system to provide an operation which is both smooth and silent, but they also feature built in brushes which remove debris from its track each time the door is opened and closed.

This helps to prolong the life of the door as a whole, and means minimal maintenance for the homeowner. They also come installed with a choice of efficient locks, including Yale’s advanced ModLok™ locking system, making them more secure than other products of its kind, and ensuring that it is a ‘fit and forget’ product.

Style and colour options

Our source of aluminium and uPVC patio doors are designed with especially slim, sculptured sightlines to provide maximum levels of light, making for rooms which are radiant and airy. Like other doors in our range, they are available in a wide selection of colour options, including but not limited to: white, cream, chartwell green, grey, rosewood and oak for upVC, and any RAL colour for aluminium profiles.

What makes Global the ideal trade partner for patio doors?

  • uPVC and aluminium profiles available
  • Market leading systems from likes of Liniar, Profile22, Rehau, Smarts and AluK
  • Fast turnarounds and lead times
  • Convenient delivery to site
  • Fitting service and advice available too
  • A family-run company that prioritises efficiency, honesty and reliability