Stable doors

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Stable doors offer a unique combination of functionality and style to consumers who are looking to purchase a door which may be more suited to the aesthetics of a traditional property.

We can provide Liniar, Solidor and Selecta Systems ranges of stable doors which provide practicality in an attractive package – but also offer versatility in their design.

Hand finished stable doors

We can supply stable doors which make a stylish alternative to standard back doors, or a more sensible alternative to traditional timber stable doors. Our source of stable doors can fit perfectly in older properties – even period buildings – and are hand finished to provide an authentic, charming appearance.

Unlike timber stable doors, they are not prone to warping or expanding so can offer far lower levels of maintenance and perform well regardless of weather conditions.

Multi-use design features

As with the other doors we can supply, stable doors can offer versatility in their operation with variable sash configurations. The door can be opened and closed as a whole, as well as both sections being able to operate independently which allows homeowners to effectively control and balance levels of ventilation with security.

The door’s top sash can even be ordered with an additional tilt and turn function for further increased levels of adjustability.

Liniar Solidor Selecta Systems

Secure and weatherproof doors

As standard, we can provide stable doors which are fitted with high specification locking systems, so they can be supplied with the assurance that they are secure against intrusion.

Whilst all doors we supply are designed to protect properties from the weather, our stable doors in particular incorporate dual drip bars on each sash as standard which prevents the entrance of water in possible gaps between and underneath the sashes. This means that unlike some stable doors available, they are just as weatherproof as a standard back door.

Why choose Global Trade Frames as your trade partner?

  • Market leading uPVC from reputable companies including Liniar
  • Composite stable doors from UK-leading Solidor and Selecta Systems
  • Fast turnarounds and lead times
  • Convenient delivery to site
  • Fitting service and advice available too
  • A family-run company that prioritises efficiency, honesty and reliability