High performance, luxury Residence 9 windows

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At Global Trade Frames we can also supply and fit Residence 9’s excellent window systems. Widely considered to be one of the most distinctive and high quality systems on the market, Residence 9 windows are perfect for consumers looking to install higher end timber effect frames for their home, or purchase those which are suitable for the heritage sector.

Their classic styling means that Residence 9 windows have been installed in a number of different conservation areas, but unlike traditional timber frames, they are highly durable, low maintenance and very energy efficient. Their larger 9 chambered design means that Residence 9 windows are some of the highest performing windows in their classification, even with their slim sightlines. So efficient are Residence 9 frames that they can achieve Passivhaus status and an A WER rating, meaning that they are some of the highest performing windows in their classification, even with their slim sightlines.

Hand finished windows

Consumers looking to purchase Residence 9 windows can be assured that each frame is made to bespoke requirements by a skilled craftsmen. They are also made using traditional jointing methods – where modern uPVC and aluminium windows are made using diagonal joints, Residence 9 frames forego this to maintain a traditional appearance. By replacing mass production methods with skilled craftsmen, Residence 9 windows mark themselves as one of the leading manufacturers of premium timber effect windows.

Made from modern composite materials, they can be made to closely replicate existing wooden frames with slim, elegant sightlines, an external putty line, and authentic internal detailing.

Colours and customisation

In keeping with their traditional methods, Residence 9 windows are available only in a traditional range of colours, as 19th century windows were painted rather than stained. Colours range from standard grained white to to contemporary pastel green suit virtually any property. Should there be a demand, colours can also be mixed to have different options on the exterior and interior of the frame, suitable if the interior window colour needs to match the decor of a particular room.

Residence 9 frames can also be supplied with a range of hardware and security device options in terms of hinges and locks. Security wise, the product is capable of meeting the highest (CEN A) classification for wall thickness, and the glass is structurally bonded to the sash. When this security specification is combined with the highest quality handles, hinges and locks, the Residence 9 can achieve very high levels of performance.

Global Trade Frames – the ideal trade partnership

Global make it easy for you to meet deadlines and manage your projects more effectively. Whatever you need sourcing, we are on hand to help. We also offer a fitting service and free advice – services that helps us share our wealth of knowledge about the fenestration industry. It’s no wonder that we are an R9 approved installer!

Our priority to customer satisfaction, product quality and efficient service all combine to make us the ideal trade partner – for installers, builders and architects alike.